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Took a Cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines in Mid Nov 2011 that turned out to be a nightmare for my 3 year old and wife. After our first port in Mexico our family vacation turned into a nightmare. After everyone was back on board the ship started its way to the next port however that night when we were asleep at about 1am we heard a female screaming RAPE and sounds of a person being physically abused and thrown around in the cabin next door.

Called the Guest Services on the phone but there was no answer after 15 rings, then called the Emergency number and only after 7 rings did someone pick up the line. When I explained what we were hearing in the next cabin the person on the other end said I should not have called this number as this was not an Emergency. I could not beleive what I heard so I repeated myself again that there was someone getting RAPPED in the cabin next door to us and there is a lot of banging as if someone is being physically abused. It took me almost 5 minutes to convince the person to send Security to the Cabin. It took over 15 minutes for someone to arrive from Security.

The next day I asked if Security needed my statement about the incident that occurred. However everyone we spoke to denided that there was an incident that occurred as if nothing happened. The cabin next door to us had a sign placed on the door and Causion Tape like CSI Crime Scene but still no Carnival Staff Member would admit there was an issue or wanted to take my statement as I was the one the reported the incident.

It was like Carnival did not want to admit there was ever a RAPE on board. At this point my 3 year old and wife who both could not go back to sleep last night were resting poolside as they feared to be in the cabin. Not one Staff member of Carnival every tried to console those in the cabins next to where the incident occurred or apologized for the disturbance. They all denided anything occurred.

From this night on my family could not sleep and all we wanted to do was get off the ship but we had to remain on board to the end of the Cruise.

When we got off the cruise I reported this disrespectful and unacceptable behaviour to Carnival Cruise Lines and it took the a Month to revert back to me with only Sorry but we can not do anything for you. I have been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years and never have been treated in this manner as a customer.

I will never go on a Cruise again and will never recommend Carnival Cruise Lines to anyone. All Carnival Cruise is good for is covering up RAPES of thier customers with no care for those that were affected by the incident.

The Worst Family Vacation EVER!

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"Of course they'd say you shouldn't call the emergency number, as stated in several places - its for medical emergencies ONLY."

Since when is someone being raped at the moment not an emergency.


You didn't think to call authorities when you go back onto a U.S. port. Nice going.


You should have called the police once you were back in the U.S. port.

I have heard horror stories about physical attacks and both attempted murders and murders on cruise ships that tried to be covered up.

It's all about the bottom line with those animals.

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