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Carnival has got to be the worst cruise line in the world... the food is not fit to eat @ the buffet , even the chocholate buffet was nasty I had to eat cold cerial and still got a bad milk that made me sick !

it was so crowded that we stood in line 2hrs a day. if you ask for something the crew cant speak english ! what a waist of $$$ off the boat we had a great time and went to margaritaville to eat !

got onion meal i had.. the late dinner at the dining room was pretty good but a pain in the butt...

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I agree that ENGLISH is not the number one spoken language on most CCL ships. Further, the complaintant above has every right to complain about poor tasting food as this is something CCL claims as being Five Star rated.

Apparently Irish is a school teacher or English wannabe instructor. Perhaps someone should explain to Ms.

Irish that not all individuals are avid typist either. Irish must live in Russia and enjoy standing in a 3-hour bread line.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #196498

You have no right suggesting the crew cannot speak English with your poor spelling and sentence structure. Perhaps if your spoken English is as poor as your written English they had trouble understanding YOUR English.

You must really be eight years old. Your fussiness over food and poor spelling and sentence structure makes me believe this.

Also you are inpatient and cannot wait in line. Must be eight years old.

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