My wife and I have been on Carnival for 24 cruises. We are planning on booking one on Carnival Magic in February 2022.

Last Feb. we went on the Breeze with three other couples who we are planning to go with us again next Feb. In trying to obtain a price for the cruise in 2022, one of the couples who do quite a bit of gambling got a really good price. The other two couples (1 couple was their first cruise; the other couple might have cruised with Carnival twice) received a cheaper price than my wife and I.

My price was $200.00 more than theirs, no onboard credit or military discount. I just can't believe that after cruising with you for many, many years and 24 cruises, my price would be higher than someone who has only cruised once or twice. Guess Carnival is just interested in giving new cruisers a better price - where are my perks??

Where is your loyalty to previous customers?? Thank you.

Location: Deland, Florida

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