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First let me say I love Carnival cruise and never had a problem. Until now.

This is like my 5th cruise and I always book a grand suite but this time I booked a grand vista suite it was like a $1000 more because it was to have this great veiw its right at the very front of the ship on the 14 floor. Well let me tell you the cabin was not worth it. It is smaller i guess because for the angle and yes it had a nice veiw but the blinds was broken they did go up and down when you hit the auto button one was stuck it had to be taken down manully there was nasty glasses in the room and to top it off the toilet seat was broken and pinched my leg when I set on it. I go to guess service to tell them they tells me that it wasnt broken when we checked in that one of us broke it witch is not true.

Ok so they tell me they would send someone to fix it. When returned to the room theres know toilet seat at all called to see why was told first thing in the morning it would be fixed ok I say fine. Well 24 hours later theres still no seat. Im a female and I need a toilet seat to sit on.

So now Im mad I go to guess service again. I ask them about it. They tell me that they cant fix it until we get back to jacksonville because one of us broke it and they got a attitude and acting nasty. Now Im pissed because you accusing us of something that we didnt do and i dont appreciate it.

So I had to take a 5 day cruise with no toilet seat some broken blinds and at the price of that cabin everything should have been right and if one of us did break it they should have still fixed it. It is their job to make sure the guess are happy. I am really disappointed with Carnival and their guess service.

There is no way in *** i should have had to go five days sitting on a toilet with no seat. And there is more I can add but that right there is my biggest issue because thats not right.

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Although your complaints are valid, please spend more money on education and less on cruising. Your grammar and spelling is atrocious.

to Nikmik #1625739

That should read, your grammar and spelling ARE atrocious. That was, however, a very valid point.

to Anonymous #1626226

Oops, my bad. You're right, lol.

We should ALL proofread before posting. Shame on me....

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