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Looking forward to a much needed vacation, my daughter and I missed the Glory, sailing out of Miami. In every effort not to miss our flight out of New York's JFK for 8:05am, on August 11th; we arrived at 5:30 am.

What transpired thereafter remains a mystery. The flight was delayed 2 hours, the pilot could not be found, well according to rumors. Passengers began boarding plane some minutes after 10:00am, after told that pilot had arrived. Once on the Delta flight 2190 to Miami for what was supposed to be 11:16am, initially.

The next ETA became sometime after 1. We never left the ground until minutes before 6pm. Myself and several other passengers called prior to, to reach someone at carnival, to see if there was any way to stall the ship as it was also late to reach miami due to a medical emergency. After reaching out to an employee on carnival, I was told they would not be able to wait.

I gave them an estimated time of 4pm. This would have been a decent time, had we taken off at 1pm. Instead we taxied back to the gate, where the option was for passengers to wait for the next take off, or leave the plane for other flights. While the plane was being refueled, passengers were told at first they may not get off the plane to get food by employees at the gate.

Then, it became they couldn't go for food because they didn't know if the plane would leave them. Next, it became, passengers must have their boarding pass to get back through the gate. By then, I was pissed. After the refueling of the plane, which was some time after 3pm, we taxied some more.

The pilot would give us updates, where he said he'd given an ultimatum. Passengers were told everything from bad weather, missing pilot, and closed runways before finally leaving the ground at approximately 5:50pm on flight 2190 Delta from JFK to Miami for carnival glory. 3NKM80. My daughter and I stayed in Miami for 3 days, because by this time she would need a passport.

We missed 3 days from our cruise.

We joined Carnival Glory on Tuesday afternoon in Belize. I would really like to know if we can be issued a credit for the time missed on cruise?

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Never, never, never fly the day of departure unless you booked a package. Now you know.


So you expect a refund or credit from a company THAT DID NOTHING WRONG?! What kind of low life sleeze ball are you??

I would say there’s a chance at a credit if the cruise line had done something wrong, but definitely not when they are 100% innocent. I mean really! Exactly what justification are you planning on using to attempt to SCAM THEM into giving you something you do NOT deserve? YOU made the travel plans!!

Carnival did not delay the plane. They left on time as they were supposed to. Your attitude and pure greed are appalling! YOU expect the people who did NOTHING WRONG to credit YOU for days YOU missed because YOU put your travel times too close.

PLEASE I BEG OF YOU TO EXPLAIN IT!! Yes missing your flight time screwed up your itinerary. But it wasn’t carnivals fault! To expect or even demand that a innocent party pick up the tab for YOUR MISTAKE truly goes to show the sheer lack of morals and integrity you have.

YOU screwed up by not factoring in the usual delays. YOU chose to be cheap and not get a room for overnight. At what point do YOU take ANY responsibility??

You should be ashamed of yourself for even posting. If anyone owes you it’s the AIRLINE!!!


Correct, the cruise cannot wait for any reason. No refund.


I always fly down the day before. You should too!

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