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So the ship left for the Bahamas on the 24th. I drove 17 hours to Florida from the upper part of Texas.

I was told to make it at least 3:45pm Sunday via customer Service. I made it to the dock at 3:33pm. The cruise was set to leave at 4pm & was leaveing while I was running to the dock. I get the fact that the doors close at 3pm but I was told to be there by 3:45pm and it would be ok.

1500 dollars spent to enjoy my week. I was not looking for a refund & wanted to book the same trip for another day. Constantly told its nothing they can do. Only give 278 dollars.

I had enough money for gas but not for extra rooms. Ive drove a total of 38 hours & its been the worst 2 days. Not one person even tried to help out but inform me to keep pushing and get there. I would respect Carnival customer care more if they would have told me upfront that the captain will not approve & we are unable to let you board the ship.

Instead, telling me to arrive by a certain time to tell me "im sorry, but there is nothing we can do" My first & last time. I spoke to many reps and all said to make it. All said it will be ok and that the ship departs at 4pm. Not one said the ship leaves before that time.

I am highly disappointed at the phrase "Nothing we can do" -_- There is many things Carnival can do to accommodate the customer. They just choose not too. Thanks for the unhappiness that I experienced before I even experienced the joy. As of this moment, the only thing I can say is YOU ALL NEED TO SATISFY THE CUSTOMERS BETTER.

At least give a 72 hour of a missed cruise before penalizing the customer all their money. At least have them to aborad the cruise again at a later day whenever it is available. I should have did my research. So its fair to keep majority of my funds & only reimburse me 278.

What type of crap you all pull???? If the captain did not approve then I would like to be told that. I would have turned around. Over 2k miles to be told "Nothing we can do" absolutely the worst ever.

All you guys care about is the money. I just wanted to enjoy the people, the cruise and most of all THE PEACE.

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That was cutting it very close, timewise. That must have been very stressful, although we are wondering why you were right down to the wire on a scheduled travel event.

In the event of extra traffic, car trouble, or any other delay and you would not even get to see the ship leaving. Nowadays, if you are 15 minutes late to a doctor appointment, you are subject to a no-show fee and a cancelled appointment. Hair stylists may not even schedule repeat offenders again. Time is so precious!

Sorry you missed out on your cruise, and I feel that a 50% refund or a 25% penalty on a rebooking fee would be fair. However, Carnival is not the customer-friendliest cruise line, from what I’m reading.


If the ship leaves at 4 PM (or when everybody is aboard) it should be obvious that one needs to be there around 2. This guy knew they shut the doors at 3 but because some clerk told him to be there at 3:45 common sense did not prevail.

I frankly think that he should get a free cruise the next week or at some future date but days when that happened are far in the past. If you miss your plane or ship now you are screwed.

to Karl Spence #1620075

Wow & no one help. I've heard that they do things to people & reading this really hurt.

No fun, no people & no peace. So much money spent and nothing was done.


LOL...So you thought you could arrive 15 minutes before the ship sailed and would have no problems?Get real... Even if you were told that a sane person would have know it made no sense.

to Anonymous #1620071

You must have not read it completely stupid & yet, you think your opinion matters lol

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