It must happen on other cruise ships, My wife left a pair of pearl earrings at the base of a lamp the day of departure, simply forgot to put them on. She noticed while still in their parking lot.

We immediately notified ship’s personnel but the earrings were already gone. Ship theft at its best. It wasn’t just the cost but the sentimental value they held. Princess Cruises states that items left in your room are your fault because they encourage you to check before you leave, in other words items left behind more or less belong to them.

How hard would it be to return items left behind at the owners expense.

They thereby encourage their employees to steal. Finder keepers lose their weepers.

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Actually, it is quite difficult to return left behind articles. That is the reason that the announcer asks people multiple times to check before you leave.

to Anonymous #1591098

Why would it be difficult? The cruise line has the name, address and means of contact of the folks who occupied the room.

One phone call and an agreement to pay shipping then mail the items back.

Some items left have been expensive, to say it is quite difficult to do so is an easy way out. I would love to take that on if the position were made available.

to Jackie White #1604087

Did you get your stuff back? No...Then it's difficult and totally your fault.

I hope you and your wife did not reproduce and pass this lack of accountability down to your offspring. Yes, if you leave your @#$# behind, someone is either getting a bonus or junking it...

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