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First I'd like to say , that 90% of the workers were very polite, and friendly. That is until I was asked for the 100Th time if I'd like another drink, even though I just told last three people that passed by, that I did not want one.

The food was OK, but more for the people that want quantity, not quality.

We traveled to Grand Cayman,Mahogany Bay, Belize & Cozumel.

The Beach at Grand Cayman Was Beautiful (of course you had to pay to get in)

Mahogany Bay, you had to walk through a very crowded tourist trap store to get to your destination. It was nice, but only because we were with friends, as the beach was not a pretty beach, not at all the tropical beach you would expect in the Caribbean. Looked & felt man made. I'm sure it was. Sand was coarse, and hurt your feet when you walked on it.

Belize - what can I say about Belize, that you wouldn't say about Detroit if you visited there in 90 degree weather. Although I feel much safer in Detroit.

Cozumel, was a very nice beach, although we paid 22 per person to go to the beach. Found out later that there was one down the road for $2. I would much recommend that one.

While in Grand Cayman, a friend of ours, bought a very expensive bottle of whiskey, and was told the policy of the Carnival Valor was to have the store take the alcohol to the ship, and the ship would disperse it the night before we arrived home. He followed the rules of the ship, & was surprised to find that the bottle of alcohol he had purchased was replaced by an inexpensive bottle. Of course Carnival being the customer pleasing business they are, told him he was out of luck, and they do not recommend you shop at the store he shopped at. (Have yet to see were that was written, but it was amazing that they followed the ships policies.)

One of the most appalling things I experienced was the selling of jewelry in the jewelry store. We found some bracelets that we liked for my daughters, but they did not go on sale until the last day we were there. (were not allowed to by them before this, not even at full price) We had to stand around the tables that had the jewelry on them. They had placed a table clothe over top of the bracelets, and were not allowed to look under the table cloths. Women kept looking under the clothes when the gestapo jewelers walked away, only to be scolded every time they got caught peeking. I would highly recommend buying your jewelry some where else other than the ship.

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javascript:ac_smilie(':cry') you poor thing. you wouldn't know how to enjoy yourself if it smacked you square in the face!

you don't have to pay to go to the beach been there many times.

man made beaches have fine sand you ***.

why would they make a beach to purposely hurt your feet. I bet you were just a bundle of joy to cruise with

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