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Just took a cruise to Nowhere on the Glory out of Norfolk VA. This was my third cruise and it was the worst experience I have ever had.

To start we had to wait in line for 5 hours to board. While we heard everyone on the ship having a great time we were all waiting in the hot sun. Once on board we were greeted with a $7 drink.(most ships offer free champagne at first we were to late I guess) We were to late for Dinner so we had to go to the buffet which was in very dark cramped area, oh when they said Dress cruise casual they really meant casual, a cover up would have been an upgrade for some people in there bathing suits at dinner.  There were so many drunk people that you heard a dish drop at least every 3 minuets and they would yell woo hoo after they did it.

We had to wait 45 min just to get to the food that was half empty. They took forever to refill the dishes when they were empty. The next morning for breakfast we had the choice of cream of wheat, grits, or runny scrambled eggs. all the other containers were empty.

We now have a new name for this cruise ship it is called the drunk ship because the only people that were having a great time were all the sloppy drunks that were everywhere. If I hear woo hoo one more time I will scream!!! All night long I just heard Woo Hoo in the halls, Oh yes! I do not want to forget the drunk couple in the hall at 3 am yelling at each other while they had children in the room.

 It was the most horrible time and waste of money.  

Review about: Carnival Cruise Line Cruise.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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We took a cruise on Carnival Glory in April this year and had countless "Spring Breakers" which were also party hounds. The ship was packed to the gills but I have nothing bad to say at all.

Our room was kept spotless and well stocked, boarding/debarking was remarkable for the number of people there and the food was out of this world awesome!

While I do not drink alcohol and prefer to stick to the basics there were indeed many "drunk" people. However, I thought the ship was run very smoothly and efficiently.

I love the Carnival fact I am in the process of booking my next cruise right now.

Happy Sailing!

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