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I am have been waiting weeks for a refund and they keep saying one is coming but every time I call they keep extending the time. Costumer service told me that I have to understand how much they have to do. I said I had to pay on time so I feel as though I should be paid back on time.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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You're calling the wrong department. Costumer Service is the place the maids, stewards, bartenders, cabaret acts, crew members, even the captain get their clothes. You need Customer Service and don't just call ; if they owe you money put it in writing and serve your demand for payment via Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested.


None of these folks ever do anything but call. Dialing frenzy. That is not the way to get paid.


As a last resort I filed a complaint with attorney general and within a week I did receive my money back


I'm feeling in the same way, I need to know how to speak with someone of this stupid app. I need my money back I paid to the dialogue 360 and they don't want to return my money And this is upsetting!


Same with this one - they think calling will solve it all. Solves zero. Wastes possibly precious time.

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