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My husband and I have cruised on Norwegian and Royal Caribbean and had no issues on either one. On Dec 3 I left from Port Canaveral with 2 other women for a 4 day 3 night cruise to the Bahamas.

I swear I spent 4 days in *** not to mention I lost 5 pounds on the cruise. WHO loses weight on a cruise? The food was tasteless regardless of where we ate. We were not the only passengers to feel this way.

Quite a lot of others were complaining. They close most of the food area between 6 and 8 pm so if you're hungry late, forget it. The only thing, besides room service, available is the pizza restaurant. It's like eating cardboard with tomato sauce on it.

We always purchase the soft drink package for me when we travel - we have always gotten a souvenir cup which signals the bartender or server that we had a package. Carnival offers no cup so that when you TRY to get a soft drink, and you have to go to a bar to get one, you are ignored. The folks with the cups are served immediately. I went to Guest Services and my fee was refunded.

The cabin (a balcony cabin) needed to have new carpet and drapes. Both were old and worn. The cabin was also smaller than other lines we've sailed on. Plus, there is only one outlet for the entire cabin.

Most have at least 2 or 3. The employees were all very nice which is the best thing I can say. Now for the big issue - on the first evening out one of the ladies traveling with us slipped and hurt herself. Her daughter called and asked if they had a wheelchair that they could come use to help us get her back to the cabin.

YES they said. for $85. We were able to get her back to the cabin and into bed. The next day she was in so much pain we called the medical unit.

We eplained she couldn't get out of bed an was in distress and we needed assistance. The nurse came to the cabin. He insisted that she HAD to go to the Medical Unit after deciding it was simply sciatica. He had stewards bring a wheelchair and they got her up and into the chair.

She was crying in pain the entire way from Deck 8 to 0 to the medical unit. They gave her a muscle relaxor shot and wheeled her back to the cabin. Bottom line, she spent the entire cruise in bed in extreme pain. Despite being asked to do and xray they would not.

They came to the cabin a couple more times and were giving her pain shots. She was taken off the ship by EMT's and transported via ambulance to the ER. Turns out she had a broken hip. Had they simply done an xray they would have seen this.

She even had the trip insurance so transport was not a problem. A number of unacceptable things happened with Medical Services which I can't go into but suffice to say I will never get on another Carnival ship again.

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Moscow, Idaho, United States #1263463

You were expecting a hospital ship? Did they have an x-ray machine?

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