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one of which is during the time that I took my cruise with my son I dealt with a lot of distressing things that I should never have had to deal with on a bucket list cruise I met a lot of people and all of which were wonderful but the fact of the matter is I got food poisoning above the Carnival Breeze then I was hospitalized after redocking back in Galveston after going through we're supposed to go to Jamaica never went you did nothing to offer compensation for that I had deplorable conditions in my room and I've sent you guys pictures I'll send more if I have to your cruise line left dirty stand up sheets and blankets in my room it was my son and eyes first time ever going on a cruise we were supposed to go to Jamaica that never happened somebody apparently died on the ship and we had to drive all the way to Cozumel to get her there I don't understand any of this since Jamaica was first on the list however again I got food poisoning on the ship on that Friday night then I took a quite a few pictures of what my sheets and blankets look like your people never vacuumed my room I asked repeatedly to have the room straightened up from what I had already done ask them to run a vacuum change the bedding and that was not what I got I got the same old bedding with a stupid towel made frog and then they took it back after they left me a nasty note on my bed 1 of 5 that said I was smoking on my deck my neighbor kept popping her head over my deck and she was the one that can continuously complained I did nothing wrong my son and I were on this cruise to have fun and it was ruined by the negligence and disgusting things that Carnival does we're not cattle we pay your bills we pay for those big *** ships you build I paid almost $4,000 for my Cruze now what are you going to do to compensate me some of my money back maybe I'll actually then I can take a cruise to Jamaica instead of getting bullshitted around it this was my bucket list cruise and because the cruise line was so dirty and they took such a risk with my life by being so and not following protocol I'm filing a complaint the only way I would ever cruise with your cruise line again is if you offered me a free compensation cruise for what I missed out on and that's Jamaica and more than six hours on the other two islands what are you going to do about it I'm the one that's got the pictures of the disgusting room that I've spread all over Facebook now I want to know what you are going to do about it sorry but my thought is that Carnival owes me quite a bit we barely got out of Galveston when we found out somebody that passed away went all the way to Cozumel straight pass Jamaica and then backtracked every part of our cruise every night when I came in with my son I found these nasty notes on my bed telling me how they found remnants of cigarettes and blah blah blah the only thing they found was empty cigarette packs that I had thrown away what would they have preferred me to continue to make the room disgusting and throw the s*** on the floor like they did you know they let people puke on the floor they don't clean that s*** up those pieces of carpet that you have at the ends of each person's bed from the old carpet is disgusting there all stained your cruise line does not take them off your people do not take them off the bed and clean them they don't even take the sheets and blankets off the bed to clean they just remake them and let the next group of people come on in no one vacuums my room no one's straightened up my room yet everything that should have been great happened turn to s*** so I don't know what you're planning on doing about it but I believe that Carnival you owe me some compensation for my so-called bucket list Cruze I saved four months for that cruise I deliberately booked a Jamaican Cruise and never got it what are you going to do about it Carnival

Review about: Carnival Cruise Line Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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