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My family has a cruise coming soon Destiny

Booking #: 143TN8 Sail Date: July 28, 2012 Stateroom: 7179 (OS)

We are part of group celebrating a special occasion.

Let us express our dissatisfaction with Patricia Roberts because she has release information to the in-laws of our cabin category status. In fact it has created an unnecessary strain with the family because we did not allow for his daughter to stay in our suite. The in-laws were informed of our category cabin and knew of the extra space in our cabin.

This information was never furbished to anyone. We are a very private family.

My family is totally disgusted with Ms. Patricia Roberts for not protecting our privacy and only thinking of a sale.

Ms. Patricia Roberts maybe a great cruise sales consultant but has total disregard for the passenger confidentiality information.

We would like to discuss further with the cruise director or anyone with authority over this matter.

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Now this complaint is ridiculous, It sounds like someone is mad because they weren't honest with family from the start and was caught. Here is some Advice, if you can't tell family what you are doing then maybe you shouldn't do it.


With these kinds of ridiculous complaints, and the comments that spawn from the (including this one) is a wonder that any person can find accurate information on the Internet.


With these kinds of ridiculous is a wonder that any cruise line stays in business.

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