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To whom it may concern:

My husband and I went on the Carnival Splendor on September 24, 2016. This was not my first cruise with Carnival, nor my husbands! I have to say that I was greatly disappointed in the ship as a whole.

Boarding the ship as a priority cruiser left much to be desired, we were rerouted numerous times to different holding areas and were late boarding the ship! Our boarding experience was not good, walking up stairs because the escalators were out of service, made to stand in hallways, and no boarding pictures!

Our suite was nice, but our cabin service was less to be desired! We received no turn down service until the 5th day of the cruise. The dining room service on the first night was completely sub standard. Our waitstaff forgot orders like desert and coffee, so while our party of 10 was at the desert stage, three of us had to wait till a staff person returned to let them know they forgot us, which took an additional ten minutes. We asked to be moved to a different section and guest services complied with our wishes. The next table was a little better, but still the new staff was forgetting things as well.

The food was the worst I have ever experienced on Carnival, let alone any other cruise line I have been on! Hands down it was an embarrassment! Who asks for a meal which includes Broccoli for instance and get 1 small floret as their vegetable! Or less than a quarter cup of potatoes, plus other items! We are not big eaters, but would at least like a normal portion of something!

The casino is a whole different story, it was poorly designed, had limited space, poor machine choices, and horrible ventilation. I'm a smoker and follow the rules regarding the smoking policy, however, with limited smoking areas, a majority of the gamblers and drinkers were always in the casino, so you would think that more would be done about keeping the air quality under control!

We spent over $3000. On our cabin, again which was nice, but for that kind of money, we were highly disappointed at the overall trip that was supposed to be our honeymoon. In addition we spent another $1600. Onboard for miscellaneous things to try to make the trip enjoyable! After spending that kind of money, receiving poor service and finding out that this ship didn't provide key elements such as sushi and Italian restaurants it is highly unlikely that we will return anytime soon, especially after being charged over a hundred apiece in tips for poor service! I guess it's true what people have said on the cruise....the more you cruise with Carnival, the less you receive in service! The best part of that cruise was the Aruba excursion, which was obviously not operated by Carnival, only booked through them!

Where I come from, when you pay for something, it should always be good or better! It should not be lax! Hospitality has always been my career, so I know what it's like to uphold standards and this was the poorest I had ever experienced! Our captain was excellent, especially making sure that we were safe from the hurricane approaching! We are not upset at missing a scheduled port of call, these things happen, but stellar service should always be your first priority!

Product or Service Mentioned: Carnival Cruise Line Cruise.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Lol! A smoker who is complaining about air quality! Thanks for the laughs!!

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