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The folks at Carnival will totally scam you when it comes to redeeming your "fun points" (that's an oxymoron). After they tell me that I have a $2200 credit to book cruises based on the 140,000 fun points in my account, I book two cruises with them. The total cost of the two cruises is $1600. The agent went as far as tellint me that I had a nearly $600 credit that I can use on board.

When the time to redeem the points comes around, I am short about 30,000 points and now have to pay out of pocket. Needless to say, I tried calling and spoke to every supervisor at Carnival. They were all a total joke as they tried to explain to me that THEY do not even understand the point system but I was past the seven days to cancel the cruise. Mind you, it took about five days for it to post to my credit card for me to even redeem. In the end, I had a choice of paying the difference my points left behind or cancelling the cruise and paying a larger penalty. In the end, they lost a 20 year passenger as I will NEVER use this second rate cruise line.

Regardless, I suggest everyone is very careful about this scam point system. They will all deny it in the end and tell you they have no idea how it works.

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Oakes, North Dakota, United States #601379

I too had over $2000 saved up in Fun points and after arguing with a customer support team in regaurds to unauthorized charges to my credit card.They closed my account without my authorization and all my points disappeared.

I am hopping pissed. They can reopen my account, but can't give me any of my points. I told them "Why reopen the account? So you can screw me some more?" They have no intention of giving you anything no matter how many points you earn.

Carnival won't even talk to you about the points, they say it's the credit card companys problem, even though barclay has a desk on the cruise ship and carnival continues to allow barclay to do business on their ships. Sorry Carnival, but you are guilty by assosiation and I and my wife refuse to go on another Carnival cruise or use a Barclay credit card. In a weak economy they should be doing what they can to keep their customers happy instead of scamming them. Take note, you have been warned.

I have no problem telling others of my experience, so in the end Barclay and Carnival are truely the losers for scamming us.If you have been ripped off, take the time to post and let others know.


I too was scammed with the Carnival Funpoints Mastercard, the only reason I signed up was because the rep said we would earn $50.00 instantly from the cruise we were on and now no credit and we are just getting run around from Barclay & carnival. We have paid off our cc and cancelled and no more dealings with carnival or Barclay! Bunch of rip-off jokers but as word gets around they only hurt their business!-


Dump the card in the sea!Barclaycard can't even tell my why I can't download the page to redeem the darn points.

They blame it on my cookies.

Tried 3 different computers with different service providers and can't get in.Transfering my balance and closing the account.


My wife and I took out the Carnival Barclay Master Card "Funpoints" card, based on the onboard agent's claim that we could accumulate enough points by charging all purchases (then paying it off at the end of the month.We did this until we accumulated 50,000 funpoints and thought we could redeem them for a $500 credit toward our next cruise.

When we went to redeem them, the rep. told us (the FIRST time we had been told this) that ONLY points accumulated on other cruises or airline tickets qualified for redemption. They took 2,600 points and gave us only $200.

We did manage to get an onboard credit for another $200 (but this time just 20,000 points, only after speaking to "a supervisor." The card is a misrepresentation AND a rip-off!We'll be sailing on another cruise line from now on.


What a scam game they play!I had 3300 points to use, I called to booked my cruise in April and they told me I had to wait till 15 days b4 the cruise to redeem them for onboard credit.

So I wait and then they told me that I had waited too long and they could not give me on board credit, nor could they give me statement credit for the points.

I am sick of trying to talk to someone in the Philippines!I cancelled my card, and will be sure everytime I walk by one of their booths to tell people the truth about the freaking scam!


Yes it's nothing but a BIG scam, when you go to redeem points you get nothing but a run around from one place to another..If you have this card dump it in the sea LOL.

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