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In may 06 I took a cruise with 4 of my friends on carnival cruise lines. The main attraction of this trip was ARUBA.

On our way to Aruba we stopped in Barbados. Where two of the travelers on board committed suicide. The FBI and Coast Guard were involved and everything. Needless to say we never made it to Aruba.

Instead they took us to St. Thomas. They had us to provide our home info address and phone number so that we could be compensated for our loss. I HAVE YET TO HEAR FROM THEM BY MAIL OR BY ANYTHING FOR THAT MATTER.

Talk about pissed off! Totally unfair. I really had my heart set on going to ARUBA not St. Thomas!

Unacceptable! By the way the desserts on Carnival Cruise line are gross and there are no breakfast meat selections for those who dont eat meat.

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What about some cereal, eggs or toast, did they have that?


"Why can't I have what I want???"

Because you're an i d i o t.


Well, if I was on the bus and it didn't go to 79th street because 2 people on the bus died, I don't think I would be blaming the bus people.

When you said you didn't eat meat then I assumed you were a vegatarian or vegan, but that must not be the case if you eat turkey. I think you could have had turkey sandwiches all week at the deli.

Carnival feeds the masses on the ships and the masses help determine what they serve. And nobody on the ship gets what they want every meal, because not everything is offered every meal.

My favorite dessert is the souffle that they only serve one night yet they serve the chocolate melting cake every night. But I don't expect something from them because of that.


First off if u got on a bus that was supposed to stop at 79th street and it took you to 63rd you'd be pissed off and out of luck. u seem pretty upset...u must have been the person that sponsored that wack trip!

My hang up was there was no compensation for our inconvenience. Why pretend to take info to compensate us for our inconvenience if you're not going to compensate ?? BTW... yes I would like a "fake meat"option If turkey meat is what you call "fake meat".

If its all inclusive and I paid for it there should be and option for those who eat "Fake meat". I should be able to eat "fake meat" sandwiches the entire cruise if i want to.

People who eat meat can eat meat sandwiches the whole cruise. Why cant I have what I want???


If you read your Cruise Contract, Carnival doesn't guarantee any port of call. You say Aruba was going to be the highlight of the trip, well that maybe for you but not everyone on the ship.

You recieved your cruise of x number of days, which is what you purchased. Carnival has no control over the weather or passenger suicides.

And then you complain they have no breakfast meat selection for those who don't eat meat, if you don't eat meat then why would you want a breakfast meat?

Or are you expecting Carnival to have the "fake meats" for you? No sympathy here

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