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On the bus ride from Fort Lauderdale airport to Conquest Cruise ship on November 24th, 2018 my wife and myself were lock in the he bus at the time we arrived at the dock. The bus was running and we were locked inside and unable to get out of Bus. Bus driver would not let us off the bus.

Once we got off the bus the driver assualted me once I confronted him. He took both of his hands pushed me very hard backwards when we confronted him hitting me in the chest. (I am missing 3 ribs in my chest from cancer surgery) That considered in the State of Florida a felony.

As of yet this has not been resolved. S

Suggest that no one take the bus from the airport to the Cruiseline's. Carnival has yet made it right with us and we are considering taking legal action against Carnival cruiselines and the Bus company.

Ron & Linda Mullins

Elma, WA

E-mail: arllum@yahoo.com

Phone:(206) 497-0947

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I just don’t see how people get on cruise ships. I know, I know, a lot of people have a great time with no problems.

I just don’t feel that lucky, and can’t get past putting my family’s lives or safety in the hands of complete strangers and foreigners. Being an antisocial sort, I do not wish to hang out or dine with a bunch of drunks and idiots in close quarters (norovirus???) just to see the ocean. I don’t trust the weather or the sea, and I definitely don’t trust the captain, the crew, the foreigners at ports of call, and most definitely NOT the passengers, especially with all the alcohol. No thank you.

I will drive my family to a domestic beach and rent a private condo in the nicest place we can find.

We can leave at any time, and always know where the hospital and police station are. I have NO desire to get on a ship, and if I did, it would not be Carnival, which I’ve heard is the Wal Mart version of a cruise.


Apparently, Carnival cares less about the people they take thousands of dollars from than continuing to work as a cruise line.


So they locked you in a van huh? Sounds like an old Russian spy movie...

How about you tell us what led up to this alleged incident and why would someone in your condition attack someone else. Why was the driver trying to keep you in one place? By chance were they going for the authorities or something based on *** activity? Did you file a police report?

No police report, then this doesn't happen. Something tells me you're too stupid to be let off a leash...

Why else would you post your personal information on a public message board. Stay home please...

to Anonymous #1617583

Their was approximately 60 plus people on the bus that they locked in the bus while the bus was running. Driver locked the bus and went outside and unloaded the baggage...

Once the baggage was in loaded then he let people off the bus. We had no bagage on the bus. I assume the reason for being locked on the bus was the driver could control the people on the bus and he could then address each individual so he could collect more money in tips. I'm a retired Social Worker from the State of Washington.

When we were let off the bus I confronted the Driver. Told him you can not lock individuals up in a bus while the bus was running. Driver told me was going to call the police on me. Told the Driver I wanted him to call the police...

Driver from Legacy Bus Company took both of his hands - open handed and hit me in my chest cavity HARD and told me to leave... There was a police officer within 120 feet of the incident and I went directly over to him. Told the police Officer what happened and he did not assisted me. Officer was doing traffic control in the street and he could not leave where he was.

Went to numerous Carnival employees (including supervisors and reported the incident). Spoke to over 12 different Carnival employees to ask for assistance. Complained immediately after the incident and during our 8 night cruise. However I till have not been able to resolve the issue.

We called Lyft when we came back to Port and returned to the airport. Carnival has not even refunded my transporting costs I paid them for the Bus transport We returned on the 2nd of December; which was a Sunday and the Sheriff's office was closed at the Port. We had to return to the airport once we arrived to catch our airplane back. I worked numerous years for Adult Protective Services and this would have been considered abuse of a vulnerable adult.

I'm handicapped and receive care from others. Carnival Cruiselines appears not to care about their passengers. When someone asks for assistance and then did not get any response for assistance is wrong. I have another trip for a cruise to Mexico in 2020 with Carnival already paid for.

When I asked for all my money back for that trip they refused to return our money. I do not want to go on another Carnival Cruise Ship again.

We were Gold Card Members before this incident happened. I asked Carnival employees in numerous occasions (10) plus time to feel out a police report and they never assisted us.

to Ron A Mullins #1619796

No on cares.....

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